Kris Dewitte - Ana Corbi - signed and numbered by the artist

Kris Dewitte - Ana Corbi - signed and numbered by the artist

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Kris Dewitte
'Right Now' with Ana Corbi
Shot in the backyard of David Lynch's house
Edition of 5
Signed and numbered by the artist

Photographer Kris Dewitte (°1967, Belgium) has built himself a solid reputation within the international film scene. For years he’s been spotted taking impressive photographs with the biggest names in the industry: Morgan Freeman, Adrian Brody, Maggie Cheung, Peter Jackson, Michael Moore, Michael Fassbender, Vincent Cassel, Jim Sheridan, Charlotte Rampling, Eriq Ebouaney, Monica Belluci, David Cronenberg, Bartabas, Amira Casar, James Woods, Ryan Gosling, Oksana Akinshina, Anna Mouglalis, Tilda Swinton, Juliette Lewis, Viggo Mortensen, Adélaide Leroux, Cloe Sevigny, Alex Descas, Abolfazl Jalili, David Lynch, Kim Ki – duk, Lubna Azabal and Philippe Noiret.

Dewitte’s work could already be admired at expositions in Ghent (Fnac - 1999), New York (Classics Gallery 1999), Brussels (De Bottelarij/KVS – 2001), Amsterdam (de Brakke Grond – 2001, de Melkweg Gallery - 2008), Ostend (Fort Napoleon – 2001, The Japanse Garden at the Royal Villa - 2011).

Since he has been officially selected for the 50th anniversary exhibition at the Cannes Film festival with a photo of Steve Buscemi holding his handcamera on the rooftop of the Carlton Hotel, he have had over 20 solo exhibitions all over and published 9 books under his name.